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Afton at 11 Months

Sorry about the pictures - I've tried to do an LJ cut several times and it just isn't working! =/

For some reason, I have it in my head to make my little girl a play kitchen for her first Christmas. This might be because both I and her Dad love to cook and she loves to climb our pants legs when we're in the kitchen or it may be because I've found SO MANY adorable DIY/ upcycled furniture pieces turned into kitchens:

So, I started looking around for something we could work with and a friend just offered me this three-piece entertainment center:

The tall section on the left will turn into a double door refrigerator/freezer. Im hoping to use magnetic paint on the fridge so that pictures and other things can be stuck there with magnets. The center section needs to be raised a bit and turned into the sink/ stove/ oven. I'm hoping to cover the back and add a faux window with some curtains. If  I can find one, we might add a little chandelier, too. If the third section will fit in my kitchen, we'll turn it into a pantry. If not, we can paint the side of the sink/stove/oven unit with chalkboard paint for fun and maybe add a towel rack and hooks for the apron, chef's hat, oven mits, etc.

I'm thinking about a light blue scheme, for a vintage feel and maybe pops of red for fun. Michael Miller has a whole series of fun cotton prints that I could turn into ruffled curtains and things like that =)
This KidKraft version is great inspiration:
Stuff to look for:

cup hooks
metal bowl with lip for sink
round raised disks for burners, maybe round coasters?- Michael's or Hobbly Lobby
backsplash tile?
countertop material - maybe stick tiles?
chalkboard paint
magnetic paint (for fridge)
frames for window?
pull rod for oven
handles for the fridge
rod for hanging dishtowels
hooks for apron, hat, etc.
curtain for under sink?
curtain for window?

ebay faucet $11 - bought! 
Lowes knobs $1.09 each

Afton at 10 Months

Afton at 9 Months

And now...the master bedroom


Afton at 8 Months

Afton at 7 Months

Living Room is coming together!

I have literally been trying to figure out our living room since we moved in December 2005. Even before that, I've wanted to replace the black vinyl TANK of a sleeper sofa that I have - it was military furniture built in the 60s and I've had it since the late 90s? It's lived with me through 4 moves and is an absolute HORROR to lift with a real mini mattress inside and what must be cast iron bed structure!

Part of the trouble is that I didn't want to just go get something that will do for now - my goal was to get furniture that'll work for us for a reasonably long time, that's comfortable and that we like. In order to like it, there were specific rules:
  • Durable and comfortable materials
  • Similar color to the pets, so the fur doesn't make me crazy
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • No microfiber or any fabric that shows marks when you run your hand against it - streaks make Theo crazy
  • Not too big, but big enough for the whole family to cuddle up on - people only, not dogs!

I went to lunch today and made the selections - delivery of the sectional and ottoman is set for 6/28 and the chair will come after that! Here's what I ended up with:
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Afton at Six Months

Afton at Five Months